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7 Steps to a Great Smile


  • 7 Steps to a Great Smile

    7 Steps to a Great Smile

Discover the 7 steps to a great smile by clicking below:

  • 1. Cut Out Fizzy Drinks and Eat Healthier Snacks

    The average person eats 40kg (88lbs) of sugar a year – that’s 40 bags worth! If you’re a ‘Snack Head’ remember that constant snacking on sugary foods can seriously damage your teeth. Limit sugary foods to mealtimes only. If you need a snack between meals choose a tooth-friendly one: fruit, veggie sticks, oatcakes or toast are some suggestions.

    Also, remember to keep an eye on what you’re drinking. Milk and water are the only tooth-friendly drinks. Fizzy drinks (including diet/sugar free varieties) can strip the surface of your teeth, leading to dental erosion, sensitive teeth – and a less attractive smile.

    Smoothies, diluting and fresh fruit juices can also be sugary and acidic which can be harmful to teeth. Check the label for sugar content and be sure to dilute juices well. If you can’t stop drinking sugary or fizzy drinks, limit to mealtimes only and use a straw.

  • 2. Brush Twice a Day and Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly

    Brush in the morning and before going to bed. When choosing your toothbrush it’s not how fancy or expensive it is, it’s what you do with it that counts. Choose a brush with a head small enough to reach all areas of your mouth easily. For children, be sure to use a child sized toothbrush. Ensure the bristles are soft to medium to prevent damaging your gums, and change your toothbrush at least every 3 months or when the bristles show signs of wear.

  • 3. Use a Pea Sized Amount of Fluoride Toothpaste

    Brush your teeth for two minutes using a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste (at least 1000ppm). For children under 2 years, just a smear of toothpaste is enough.

  • 4. Use a Circular Brushing Motion

    Brush in small circles along the gumline (where your teeth meet your gums) and gently scrub the top surfaces, making sure you cover all the teeth.

  • 5. Brush for 2 Minutes

    Supervised brushing is recommended for children under 8. Why not try our toothbrushing timer to check you're brushing for long enough? 

  • 6. Spit Don’t Rinse

    Once you’ve finished brushing, spit out your toothpaste but do not rinse your mouth afterwards! Toothpaste contains fluoride which helps to strengthen and protect teeth. This protection works best if it isn’t rinsed away after brushing, helping to keep you teeth strong and healthy.

  • 7. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

    Unfortunately not all dentists are accepting new NHS patients. You can get information on how to find a dentist by clicking here. Once registered, have regular check-ups. Don’t forget – regular visits can mean fewer or no treatments. 

If you're a smoker, another key thing you can do to look after both your oral and general health is to give up smoking. The NHS Grampian Smoking Advice Service provides friendly and practical advice to help you do this. All help is free of charge and can be offered on a one-to-one or group basis depending on your needs. For further information, or to register with the service, call 0808 5 20 20 30.

Aged 65 or over? Click here for more information about looking after your mouth.