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  • Nursery Oral Health Talk

    Nursery Oral Health Talk

Nurseries are the perfect place to promote oral health to the very young. The earlier positive habits are formed, the greater their benefit and the more likely they will be continued into later life.

It's important that young children are made aware of good oral hygiene. As part of their nursery education, children should be taught to brush their teeth properly. They should also be introduced to a healthy diet.

Childsmile is a Scotland-wide programme to reduce inequalities in oral health and ensure access to dental services for every child across the country. For further information about Childsmile, click here to visit the website.

Do you work in a nursery or provide care to nursery aged children? Why not make use of our fun toothbrushing diaries or 2 minute brushing timers with your children? You can also download the Teeth TLC Oral Health Talk for Nursery Children which will help you explain the importance of oral health to young children and how they can keep their smiles healthy. To access the supportive materials to help you with the delivery of this talk, please contact the NHS Grampian Health Information Resources Service.